IBC Supplier Partners

Many of the world’s leading suppliers come to IBC to reach industrial buyers in the automotive, aerospace, power generation, food and beverage, medical, chemical and paper, and other industries served by our network of independent distributors.

Strategic Supplier Partnerships

At IBC, we seek out trusted supplier partners to enhance the portfolio of high quality, solutions focused products available to IBC distributor members and their end user customers. Our most successful supplier partners understand the value and appreciate the benefits that independent distributors bring to the industrial supply marketplace. They are willing to extend top tier pricing, competitive rebates and the same discounts allowed big box and national distributors to IBC distributor members.

IBC Supplier Partner Product Categories

Collectively, IBC supplier partners produce an extensive array of name brand industrial products used in every step of manufacturing and assembly. Product categories address needs in several areas including but not limited to MROP, subassembly, safety, janitoral/sanitation and electrical.

From material handling, storage, metalcutting, metal forming, welding, grinding, quality control and inspection to packaging and plant maintenance, name brand products from IBC supplier partners can be found at work.  Assembly tools and fasteners compose another large group of products from IBC supplier partners.