IBC is Your Partner for National and Regional MROP Supply Chain Solutions

IBC is a highly respected, experienced provider of technology-based and profitability-driven MROP supply chain solutions for end-user manufacturers. We listen and respond to our clients’ needs and deliver custom programs that streamline supply chain operations from top to bottom.

Award Winning Experience and Performance

A lean supply chain requires strategic partnerships. IBC delivers competitive national contracts with world class suppliers and provides project management and ongoing account management services. We lower purchasing and operating costs, improve inter-office and intra-office communications, and streamline the MROP purchasing process, producing greater productivity and profitability.  

IBC has 20 years of experience improving industrial MROP supply chain operations. We are keenly aware of the critically important roles that sourcing and procurement play in production and profits. Our clients are recognized names in manufacturing and include OEMs and tier 1 suppliers from major industries. We are experts at listening to our clients and understanding the goals and challenges voiced by the C-suite, sourcing and procurement teams, and local plants. 

We leverage the subject matter expertise of more than 275 local distributors in key MROP product categories and services, enabling us to respond knowledgeably to our clients' varied needs. Our clients rate IBC’s project management, ongoing relationship management and electronic data integration services as among the best in the industry.

Cost Saving Process Improvements

When developing and implementing national contracts, we evaluate every aspect of our client's supply chain operations, from strategic sourcing and procurement to inventory management and financial accounting. Our staff of trained and certified Lean Six Sigma professionals follows a systematic and thorough approach. Our professional training is enhanced by qualitative skills gained from broad industry experience and lengthy client relationships.

Besides practicing Lean Six Sigma principles within the context of national supplier contracts, we employ Lean Six Sigma in all aspects of our own business and serve as a resource for end-user manufacturers seeking a formal review of their industrial supplies procurement and accounting operations.

We offer a wide range of consulting services to guide end-user manufacturers through the Lean Six Sigma journey, from first-time "lean in finance" experiences to periodic reviews of existing processes and procedures.  As technology evolves, so do the benefits and integrated supply chain services offered by IBC.

IBC Benefits

Single Point of Contact for Seamless Service

Lean Six Sigma trained Professional Project Managers

Locally Sourced, Nationally available MROP Products from Reliable Distributors

Consolidated Billing and Customized Reporting

Certified Purchasing Reports for Minority Credits

Ongoing Cost Reduction and Productivity Improvement Recommendations

Monitoring and Management of National Inventory to Prevent Stock Outs

IBC Integrated Supply Chain Services

Storeroom Management

Integrated Vending Machine Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) including Committed and Consigned Inventories


Bar Code Scanners

Procurement-to-Payment Software

Online Cost Savings Tools

Ariba PunchOut e-commerce catalogs

IBC Product and Service Categories

Industrial MROP products

Bearing &  Power Transmission Products

Safety Products

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)



Tray Washing

Warehouse management

Are you a manufacturer with single or multiple plants looking to source and procure brand name industrial MROP products, safety products, janitorial supplies, bearing /power transmission products, electrical supplies or other products and services?

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