Welcome to IBC

IBC is an industrial buying group and provider of MROP supply chain solutions. Ensuring independent distributors' perpetual value to the industrial supply chain is the core of our mission. 

We're Partners in Your Growth and Success

We help America’s most technically savvy and customer-focused independent distributors strengthen their positions in the industrial supply marketplace. That’s why we are attracting an ever growing number of name brand, industrial product suppliers to our buying group. This formula for success yields positive results for all of our constituents, including the end-user manufacturers that rely on independent distributors for industrial supplies and services.

IBC Industrial Buying Group Distributor Members

IBC distributor members are embedded in the industrial supply marketplace. As independent distributors, they hold a competitive advantage over big box and national distributors in the areas of personal service and relationship management. As a group, our members conduct business with a myriad of end-user accounts in the automotive, aerospace, power generation, food and beverage, medical, chemical and paper industries, and others in the U.S. and parts of Mexico and the Caribbean.

IBC Supplier Partners

Many of the world’s leading suppliers come to IBC to reach industrial buyers in the automotive, aerospace, power generation, food and beverage, medical, chemical and paper, and other industries. Our supplier recruitment efforts are focused on securing trusted suppliers, both large and small, to round out our portfolio of name brand products for the metalworking MROP, material handling, safety, janitorial and sanitation end users served by our distributor members.

End User Manufacturers

End-user manufacturers increasingly appreciate the benefits of working with local independent distributors that offer many of the same advantages of big box and national companies, plus more. Those that work with IBC’s National Contracts Division receive project management, account management, strategic sourcing, price negotiation, electronic purchase order and consolidated billing services plus the quality assurance that IBC brings as a leader in the field, with 20 years of experience working with large and well-known OEMs.

National and Regional Supply Chain Solutions

IBC is a highly respected, experienced provider of technology-based and profitability-driven MRO supply chain solutions for end-user manufacturers. We listen and respond to our clients’ needs and deliver custom programs that streamline supply chain operations from top to bottom.

Registration for the 2024 IBC National Conference is now open!

This exclusive event provides a unique opportunity for IBC stakeholders to share best practices, develop relationships and cultivate new business.