What We Do

IBC is a stakeholder in the growth and success of hundreds of companies, directly or indirectly, through our industrial buying group, national contracts program, and participation in the National Minority Supplier Development Council as a minority owned firm.

We vigorously pursue and create cost effective, innovative solutions that streamline our members' operational efficiencies, nurture their supplier relationships and foster enduring customer satisfaction. 

We seek continuous improvement within our organization by following Lean Six Sigma principles and fostering genuine partnerships with our distributor members and supplier partners. Our personal approach to business and reputation as a driver of operational efficiency, innovation and business growth set us apart within the industry. 

IBC Industrial Buying Group

The IBC industrial buying group, also known as Industrial Supply Plus®, is composed of two distinct groups: distributor members and supplier partners.

IBC Distributor Members

IBC distributor members benefit from economies of scale and group buying power. We provide access to the best products, most competitive pricing and most reliable suppliers. As such, our distributor members can represent and sell a wide range of name brand industrial products at competitive prices. Member services include IBC Connects, a sophisticated financial transaction service that facilitates electronic file sharing and bill payment, resulting in improved profitability.

IBC Supplier Partners

The opportunity to tap into ready-made markets and rapidly introduce new products in partnership with experienced sales organizations is why many suppliers choose to join the IBC industrial buying group. IBC Supplier Partners that participate in IBC Connects, our electronic file sharing and bill payment program, benefit from streamlined operations, lowered transaction costs and improved sales reporting.

IBC National Contracts / Strategic Sourcing Plus™

We unite IBC distributor members and leading suppliers to deliver competitive contracts and exceptional service to end-user manufacturers, usually large OEMs with multiple plants, looking to source and buy brand name industrial products or services from one single source.  We provide strategic oversight and a single point of contact with our customers to negotiate, manage and enforce contract execution. End-user manufacturers that work with IBC’s National Contracts Division receive project management, account management, strategic sourcing, price negotiation, electronic purchase order and consolidated billing services. Most importantly, end-users receive the quality assurance that IBC brings as a leader in the field, gained from 20 years of experience working with large and well known OEMs from diverse industry segments.

Minority Credits

IBC is proud to be a Hispanic Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). Companies that have established supplier diversity programs to meet government requirements and ensure strong support of minority businesses may earn minority credits by conducting business with or through IBC.

These credits are then applied toward a predetermined percentage of purchases a company must, or chooses to, undertake with MBEs.  If companies with diversity spending requirements fail to reach their minimum quota of minority credits, they may become ineligible for valuable business contracts. IBC is registered on the U.S. government’s SAM (System for Award Management) website as a certified small, Hispanic-owned business. You can find us via our Cage Code 3Y0Z0.